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Teaching Philosophy

I intend to achieve a good blend of theory and practice in my classroom which is often desirable in the field of public health. My class activities are more discussion based while my assignments are focused on developing critical understanding of the topic. My class activities are more geared towards team-based learning as public health professionals often work in teams. I want to inculcate learner centered objectives-based learning in my teaching where each class activity and assignment are aimed to achieve some learning objectives. I also want to use several technologies and resources available to aid my teaching which also can enhance students' learning process. 

Students' Feedback

"Preshit always includes very relevant examples which help clarify his main points"

"Preshit is passionate about his topics and provides good background information about them. Without that, I probably wouldn't care as much. He is great at engaging the class and answering questions, too."

"Again, the video was a great way to start. I liked the presentation more this time, though, because it was well-organized and offered graphics to keep attention. The assignment schedule was good this time, as well."

"I found the video to be an informative, engaging way to introduce the topic. Following that, the lecture was comprehensive. The detailed time schedule for the assignment was useful because it kept us on track."

Sample Syllabus

Letter of Observation by Colleague

Sample Lesson Presentation

Sample Assignment

Letter of Observation by Mentor

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